In what ways can one order?

You can place your order in two different ways: 

•  Through our online store. Create an account with your details and log in to www.i-mob.gr. Then you can browse our online store and choose the products you want to buy by adding them to your "basket". To complete your purchase, you must provide the information requested by the system.  


 •  Receipt from the store. You can make your order electronically and get it from the store. Our partners in the internet customer service department are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00.


What options do I have to pay for products?

·  Cash on delivery: You can order from our online store and pay the day of delivery to your place. Cash on delivery is only cash. In addition, 30% of the total value of the order may be claimed as a deposit. This is most likely if your order includes products that require an order from a vendor. All orders with cash on delivery are confirmed in each case by our partners.


·  By debit or credit card: Our online store accepts debit, credit and prepaid cards for your orders.


·  By bank deposit: You can order from our online store and pay by bank transfer by following these steps:

        ·  Step 1. Select the bank that serves you from the below and enter the iban number next to     your choice.

             Piraeus GR___________________________

             National GR___________________________


        ·  Step 2. In the name of the beneficiary enter: I-Mob S.A

        ·  Step 3. In the amount field, enter the total amount of your order.

        ·  Step 4. In the info, fill in your full name and the electronic order code.

        ·  Step 5. Send us the deposit by email at [email protected]

What options do I have to receive my order?

You can choose two ways to get your order:


•  Courier  company: General Mail undertakes to deliver the small volume and weight products of your order to all areas of Greece that cover the company's transport network. You will have a small charge of € 3.00.


• Receive from the store: You can pick up your products, if available, from our store one hour after completing your order. The commitment of the products takes two (2) hours from the order.

What exactly do I have to do to complete an order?

   Join our online store www.i-mob.gr, sign in to your account, browse the site, select the products you are interested in and add them to your cart.


   Once you've finished your choices and added the products of interest to your basket, you'll need to click on the basket icon at the top right of the page. A new page will appear with a list of all the products you have selected as well as the their prices. Beside each product of your choice, there are similar indications that will help you to change the number of items or remove some of the products. Also below each product are the available services for transportation, placement and protection of your products.


   By clicking "continue shopping" you can go back to the categories of our online store if you forgot to add a product to your cart. However, if you are ready to complete your order, you should click on "Send to my place" or "Receive from the store".

   Depending on your choice of how to pick up your products, you'll see the relevant pages to fill in the necessary items to complete your purchase.


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